Forge of Empires

System requirements Forge of Empires:

Operating System: Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Dual Core 1GHz
RAM: 512 MB or more (1GB is recommended for Vista and Windows 7, preferably)
Video card: 512 MB compatible with DirectX 9.0s


Forge of Empires

The game Forge of Empires is a worthy successor to the glorious traditions of the famous Civilization. The countdown in this wonderful online strategy begins as far back as the Stone Age, around the 50th century BC. You have to take control of a small settlement of primitive people. Under your leadership, these several clay-covered huts covered with straw can turn into a huge country, and your tribe will become a powerful nation that will carry your name through the ages.

More about the game

The game Forge of Empires, which appeared in 2012, is a development studio InnoGames and today is considered one of the most successful strategic online projects. This is not surprising, since InnoGames specializes in just such games – on their account such successful projects as “Tribal War” and based on the ancient Greek history of Grepolis. Each development from this studio successfully combines excellent graphics, interesting and multifunctional gameplay, as well as ample opportunities in terms of strategy. That is why Forge of Empires has such a large number of fans around the world who like this game – for what!

Game features

In the Forge of Empires browser-based online strategy, you start by getting into your control a small Stone Age settlement. It is very small – a literally couple of huts and all, but you have every chance to turn it into a giant metropolis, spread over thousands of hectares of territory. You have to explore new technologies, which will allow you to achieve a transition to a new historical era, and therefore gain access to newer buildings and opportunities. The development of your city directly depends on what decisions you will make – one single mistake can be fatal.

Component of the game

Forge of Empires focuses on three components. The first is the economic development of your city. Expand the infrastructure, build various resource-extracting buildings, create all kinds of products that will move your people forward, towards a brighter future. A developed economy will allow you to make a profit and keep your treasury full. Otherwise, you just go bankrupt.

The second component is technology and science. All the time in the game is divided into certain historical periods – they begin as you explore all the technologies necessary for this period. New technologies allow not only new opportunities, but also access to more modern buildings and units.

The third, but no less important area is the military. Any empire will sooner or later enter a war in which the one with the stronger and more modern army wins. Therefore, do not forget to maintain your army and equip it with the most modern types of weapons, otherwise your rivals will not fail to take advantage of your weakness and will certainly attack you at a time when you are simply physically not ready to fight back.

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