System requirements Foregone:

OS: Windows 7
Video Card: NaN
Disk space: 500 MB



Bloody battles raged in the world for a long time, but this time has passed. To avoid lawlessness and chaos, the Arbitrators Corporation was created, whose representatives maintain the rule of law around the world. We suggest you download the Foregone game through a torrent and join the ranks of the Arbitrators in order to fight with them an ancient evil that awakens again and threatens to destroy this world.

More about the game

As the Arbiter in the game, the torrent of which you can download on our website, you have to go on a deadly journey through devastated lands. A huge number of bloodthirsty monsters are ready to stand in your way to prevent you from achieving your goals, but thanks to your skills, weapons and willpower, your hero is ready to fight them all. Play as an Arbiter, who begins her journey for the benefit of the entire world community. A great goal makes you destroy your memories. You will find a colorful pixel environment and legions of dangerous monsters in the genre of action platforms. Discover the tree of skills and a large arsenal of equipment and weapons. Use resources correctly and increase survivability, as you have to confront the waves of insidious creatures.

The game combines elements of pixel adventure and an exciting combat platform meter;
Interesting gameplay is largely tied to the ability to make non-standard logical decisions;
Large selection of equipment and various weapons;
Developed tree of skills and abilities that can be pumped;
Great graphics in pixel format;
The ability to download Foregone torrent for free.

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