Focus 1.11


System requirements Focus 1.11

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

Focus 1.11

Focus 1.11 is a small Tray application for Mac that helps improve performance by blocking websites and applications. Suitable as a time control program in applications for children. Instead of a website page, a motivating quote opens in the browser.

More about the program

Once you have turned on focus mode, all websites present in the blocked sites list will be blocked. Every time you try to access one of the blocked sites, focus will display an inspirational quote that may motivate you to get back to work. During work breaks, you can use the Unfocus mode to visit the pages you want without any restrictions.

Preparation for operation

We will tell you everything in detail here. Without these actions, the program will not start and will display an error about a damaged package. To solve problems with Gatekeeper on macOS Sierra, we have prepared a script to automatically unlock images and programs (annoying messages about damage and inability to open).

In case you prefer manual installation, you can use the image in this folder. In this case, you may need to partially disable gatekeeper checks.

Key features

Blocking apps and websites with the option to add to the list
Instead of a page, you see a motivating statement
Ability to set schedules for blocking and working periods. Supports the mode – pause (up to 30 minutes per day) to distract
Password protection of settings and a special Hardcore option that blocks access to program settings
Productivity statistics
Bash script support for admins and programmers

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