Fling to the Finish

System requirements Fling to the Finish

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i5
DirectX: Version 12
Disk Space: 2 GB


Fling to the Finish

If you want to have fun in your free time, then the presented project is exactly what you need. In this project, teams consisting of several users move along colored, randomly created obstacle courses, while being tied with an elastic rope. Initially, it will not be easy for you, because you will be confused in a rope, and it will be difficult for you to overcome obstacles. But with a little effort, you will surely succeed, and if you are ready to learn, then download Fling to the Finish with a torrent, quickly and for free.

More about the game

Once you understand the basic principles of interaction, you will realize that the rope is an aid. Advanced users can use the rope to quickly and easily jump over dangerous obstacles, and push their ally so that he does not fall. When both players of the team understand the principle of using the rope, they will be able to perform various tricks that are simply amazing. Interesting? Then download Fling to the Finish with a torrent, and spend your leisure time excitingly and cheerfully.

Story line

Given that you have to play in tandem with a partner, you will have common achievements. At your request, you can play with a partner by sharing a controller. This management tactic is an excellent solution in order to quickly and easily overcome dangerous obstacles that are randomly placed in locations. Learn to interact with a partner, and then you will succeed. Ready to learn new skills? Then download Fling to the Finish with a torrent at any time convenient for you.


The big advantage of this project is that all levels have unique themes and design, which cannot but intrigue. You will run past huge casinos, strange creatures and many other locations, breaking which you can reach the finish line. Developers have placed obstacles so that users can use the rope to the maximum, and find nice bonuses during the passage of the location. Do not waste time in vain, as soon as possible download Fling to the Finish with a torrent, and plunge into the virtual world of adventures.

Remember that the track will change, which will make you work hard to reach the finish line. You will not be able to predict in advance which route you will fall this time, therefore, interest will only increase. Remember that opponents will interfere with you, so try to use various items that will help you win. Download Fling to the Finish with a torrent, and prove yourself.

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