Five Nations


System requirements Five Nations:

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5 Processzor
Grafik: Built-in graphics card
Disk space: 1.5 GB


Five Nations

Five Nations is a computer science fiction strategy game covering real-time tactical space combat focused on economics, construction and production. The once begun conflict, due to a scientific expedition, in the distant future grew into a war between galactic civilizations.

More about the game

Five Nations takes place in space. Players have to complete many different missions, the purpose of which is to collect resources that can be used to purchase updates and create their own base. As soon as you acquire a large fleet and your economy stabilizes, you can launch an attack on your opponents.

Unique ships and more

In space itself, a terrible war is unfolding between five peoples, humanity and four alien races. Players are presented with a large number of resources and a variety of ships, from maneuverable fighters to armored and long-range missile carriers. A very interesting economic system that allows, for example, barges to transport ore from depositories to the main base. Some ships can find invisible units carrying smaller ones. Fighters are able to easily maneuver among asteroids.

Key features of the game

Story mode that contains 56 different campaign missions.
A skirmish mode that allows you to fight against AI.
The ability to develop their space facilities, factories, power plants and research centers.
Extraction of resources to create a huge armada of spaceships.
The ability to participate in battles with your enemies, killing them using cunning tactics.
The ability to create your own mods
Built-in map editor and special tools.

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