FinalShot 1.9.1


System requirements FinalShot 1.9.1

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

FinalShot 1.9.1

Should you take screenshots from time to time? Then you will love FinalShot 1.9.1 because you will save so much time! This program lives in the menu bar and is always with you when you need it – 2 clicks, and your screenshot is taken! The utility can save your screenshots in a folder of your choice, or copy your screenshots to the clipboard so that you can paste them into any other application.

More about the program

You can take a screenshot in full screen mode or in a specific area. To take a snapshot of a specific area, simply select the upper left corner and drag to the lower right corner to mark the area you want to capture.

Key features

Floating windows help keep information visible across applications! They come in handy when you are collecting information or comparing data from different sources. You can use the slider to adjust the transparency of the floating windows if you want to see the information below them.

FinalShot saves your screenshots in PNG or JPEG format, and you can lower the quality if you need smaller files.

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