Final Upgrade

System requirements Final Upgrade

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-3570k (3.4 GHz)
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (2 GB)
Disk space: 5 GB


Final Upgrade

In a game project called Final Upgrade, when quite a lot of people have already been lost, humanity begins to understand that outer space is not intended for organics. You will play with artificial intelligence, which is created to control machines in space. Your task will be to populate distant planets and provide these colonies with a constant flow of necessary resources.

More about the game

In the presented game project, you will get a lot of opportunities and great spaces for the game. You can spend time not only for self-development, but also for battles. Moreover, you have a pretty good arsenal of weapons. You can join the design and try to figure out the complexities and various tools. You can create ships of various shapes and configurations. Certain adjustments can be made at any time. But first you need to visit our website and download the Final Upgrade torrent there for free.

Story line

Initially, you will be engaged in the construction of a network of branches of production, ships, ordinary transport workers, mining ships, as well as warships. Improve technologies, enter into confrontation with other groups that live in these territories. The scale is quite large – 100 active locations, which are updated in real time. There are also nearly a hundred space stations involved in the production and storage of goods and weapons. They also protect trade routes and research innovative technologies. Almost 600 ships dig up the necessary resources, transport goods and fight in outer space.


In Final Upgrade, you will have to play as this very artificial intelligence sent into space to guide the development of complexes, where there are a large number of different workshops and departments. Don’t forget about settling in distant areas and planets. Also, our hero minimizes the tragic incidents that can happen in space with organic creation. In addition to such a peaceful improvement, the player can become a participant in the battle for resources located on the enemy ship. The galaxy is full of valuable materials that are badly needed to build the complex. Excavations are carried out everywhere, transported by cargo ships, but they are periodically attacked by robbers.

Game process

With regard to the geometry of the Final Upgrade gameplay, then you can engage in the creation of stations and ships of the most different formation. In a special game editor, you can create a blueprint, and then use it to create the required number of stations and ships. Different building materials have different characteristics and features, and it is also worth considering their resistance to some damage. If a ship or station is well designed, it can easily fight back against an opponent. If the structure is damaged, then it can be repaired. Those ships that you manage to catch during the battle will be attached to your flotilla or simply become a source of raw materials.

Game features

Full visualization of all resources that can be accessed in the field. It can be different fluids, weapons, energy. There are no invented bags for storing huge quantities of ore. You will also have to fight a lot, participate in truly epic battles, where you can even use your fleet. But the most exciting thing is the ability to capture enemy ships. Conquer ships, repair them, use them later for your own purposes. You can upgrade them at will, join the fleet and much more. Or just customize the ships, change their appearance using different materials and objects. For those who wish to download the Final Upgrade torrent, it is necessary to visit our games portal.

Key features

You still have to pave the way for the extraction of valuable and rare minerals. You can also create complex production chains from industrial machines and machines, connect them to pneumatics and floating pipes. Stations and colonies must necessarily be connected to trade routes and the general system. You will get a lot of gaming experience, you will be engaged in the study and capture of the sector, while creating new colonies and collecting the resources necessary for them. At research stations, you can still convert energy into experience, get upgrades for devices and then use them. So it will be possible to discover new technologies and update existing ones.

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