Final Fantasy VII Remake 2020

System requirements Final Fantasy VII Remake 2020

Operating System: Windows Vista / 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.0GHz
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
Also: Keyboard, mouse

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Final Fantasy VII Remake 2020

If you have enough free time, and you absolutely do not know what to do with yourself, then you can play the game Final Fantasy VII Remake 2020. In it, you will learn a lot of new information. The storyline tells that space exploration made it possible to populate distant planets. Yes, there are planets in the universe that are completely unsuitable for habitation. However, there are also those that need to be slightly modified and equipped for a normal existence. And then they easily become livable.

More about the game

Together with your assistants, you will have to go on an assignment. Your character will be one of the employees of the company engaged in the exploration of new planets. But first you need to download the torrent Final Fantasy VII Remake on the specified Internet portal. You will also travel even further to complete the main task. At your disposal only a minimum of equipment and provisions. After conducting research, it is necessary to report everything to the main office of the company.

Game features

The world that opens in this project is incredibly beautiful. In it you will see both familiar elements and hitherto unprecedented. You need to explore the space, but remember that you have tight equipment. Check the ground carefully, soil condition results are very important. Still need to conduct an analysis of the fauna, as well as determine the suitability of this planet for the further habitation of people on it. As you study the area and move forward, you will fill out a catalog that stores all the data received. Then they will become the basis for the results of the study. The catalog has a special section where our player can enter his observations.

A few moments after the emergency landing, your character will see that all his stocks are gone. The entire supply of food and water is simply destroyed. So you only have a little left. You can download the Final Fantasy VII Remake 2020 torrent on our online portal. These reserves are not enough for a short time, so you have to find yourself food and useful resources. An incredible adventure awaits you in this world. You will have to find all the important information about this planet and, if so, you can begin to colonize. The faster you get the desired result, the better it will be for everyone.

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