Final Fantasy 13

System requirements Final Fantasy 13

Windows OS: Vista, 7, 8
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHz, AMD Athlon X2 3800+
Video card: GeForce 8600 GT / Radeon HD 2600
Hard disk space: 57.8 GB


Final Fantasy 13

In the game Final Fantasy 13 – you are again greeted by the fantasy world of the last fantasy, in which cities soar far in the sky, among the clouds, being a real paradise for romantics. The name of this world is Cocoon, it is ruled by an organization called Sanctum. They suspect civilians of collaborating with Pulse, located below, so they are sent to heaven, to earth. The main character, named Lightning, does not want to sit back and throws a challenge to local authorities, because she wants to fight for her independence.

More about the game

The gods of Pulse were elected the protagonist’s sister, because of which they declared the enemy of Cocoon. But she turned out to be not in intentions herself, not even a day passed when the residents of the city came to her aid, who did not give a damn about the further fate of their families, becoming a group of the elect, fulfilling a goal that they would only learn from the prophecy. The adversary to them is Sanctum itself. If the prophecy speaks the truth, then after fulfilling the intended mission, they will live forever, becoming crystals. Otherwise, they will find eternal torment in the form of terrible monsters walking around the local forests.

Especially for PC release, the visual component has been improved and now it can compete with projects such as Crysis and Battlefield. Added support for sixty frames per second and high definition resolution. Models of characters and cities are redrawn from scratch to create the effect of realism of what is happening.

Final Fantasy 13 – This is one of the last games with a universe of endless stories of the world of the last fantasy, because its beginning still dates back to the time when the prefixes of the eight-bit era came out, long before the advent of the PlayStation One and Xbox. The franchise continues to live and prosper.

This time, a player called a cocoon opens in front of the player. The organization of this world is engaged in Sanctum. They do not accept freedom, therefore they suspect residents of their active cooperation with the mysterious organization Pulse. But the main character, whose name is Lightning, is anyway on this score, so she goes to join the ranks of freedom fighters to confront the vile Big Brother, she believes that once the city can bloom again, this is her last fantasy .

But Pulse knows everything, so he immediately takes the sister of the main character and begins to blackmail her by brutally killing her if the protagonist does not give up. But the sister herself says that she is ready to make such a sacrifice, if only the heroine continues to fight for truth and freedom, so Lightning is not going to give up her positions. And to help her in this, many other people come who do not give a damn about their fate, and they are organizing a real war for independence, which is gradually gaining momentum and now the question of independence lies with you, but it’s worth starting with Final Fantasy 13.

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