Fight or Flight

System requirements Fight or Flight:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 Processor
Video card: GTX 970
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 12 GB


Fight or Flight

Dangerous adventures can always be unpredictable and dangerous, especially when it comes to surviving a total virus infection and the presence of enemies with firearms. This time, you will find the story of Fight or Flight about a free mercenary who entered the infected territory and is forced to survive in it. Do not think that it will be so easy for him to survive, because it is not so easy to confront a whole crowd of zombies and armed marauders alone. You have to look for shelter, try to use all your capabilities correctly and just enjoy a favorable game. The main thing is to carefully monitor the environment, every shadow and rustle here can be extremely dangerous.

More about the game

The first thing I would like to note in this exciting adventure is that you will have a lot of weapons. Firearms, melee weapons and more. All this will need to be used solely to destroy enemies and try not to allow any oversights. Remember that zombies and other enemies with similar weapons will oppose you, so you should be extremely careful and try not to make mistakes in your adventure. Try to take care of yourself and not take unnecessary risks. You just have to download Fight or Flight via torrent on your PC for free and you can start to actively act.

Unpredictable result

If you think it will be easy for you to survive, then you should not relax. In this adventure, you will need to be active and try to use all your capabilities correctly. Use your weapons correctly, try to discover new locations for yourself and remember that the only result is to save yourself and gain an advantage – to take a house that will become your shelter and allow you to defend yourself from constant attacks without any problems.


By the way, a variety of game modes will be available for the adventure, from ordinary survival to endless game mode and even battle royale. To begin with, you have to take the opportunity to download the torrent Fight or Flight on your PC to enjoy a pleasant gaming adventure. The battles will take place in real time and offer the opportunity to actively use any available opportunities to realize their potential. You just have to explore all the features of the adventure and hit the road.

Game features

A large selection of arsenal of weapons, which will allow you to gain an advantage in any battle.
An abundance of enemies who will surely force you to carefully study the entire environment, seek shelter and try to achieve success.
Several game modes that will allow you to achieve a favorable result and new impressions of the game.

On this page you can download the game Fight or Flight torrent free on a PC.



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