Fight of Gods

System requirements Fight of Gods:

OS: Windows 7
CPU: i5-4460
Video Card: Geforce GTX 750
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 3 GB
Controls: Keyboard, Gamepad compatible with XInput, Mouse not supported


Fight of Gods

For the first time in many thousands of years, numerous earthly gods and saints decided to find out which of them is stronger. To do this, they decided to hold the largest military tournament in the history of our world, for participation in which many soldiers and fighters from various eras were called. In the game Fight of Gods, download from the torrent that we offer on our website, you have to take part in this tournament and win the victory. You have no other option – there will be only one winner in the tournament, because there are no losers in it, since all fights go to the death of the loser.

More about the game

– Fight of Gods provides incredible features:
– A huge selection of different heroes who are representatives of various time periods and religions. Each warrior enjoys the support of his god or saint: the lightning of Zeus, the power of Odin, the frenzy of St. George will help you defeat your opponent in battle and glorify the deity for centuries;
– Battles will take place in the most incredible locations, such as the Garden of Eden, the summit of Olympus, the dark dungeons of the underworld and so on;
– Each fighter has his own unique combo tricks and super punch, with which you can create your own battle tactics and crush your opponents;
– The training mode will allow you to learn the basics of the battle and practice before serious battles.
– The game is regularly updated and new content is released for it, which makes the possibilities much wider. Therefore, we recommend downloading Fight of Gods via torrent for free and take part in uncompromising battles.

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