FEAR Call of the village


System requirements FEAR Call of the village

OS: Windows 7; eight; 10.
Processor: Intel (R) Celeron (R) CPU G530 @ 2.40 GHz.
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050.
DirectX: Version 11.

FEAR Call of the village

This is a first-person horror game that offers to go on a journey full of inexplicable phenomena and other unpleasant creatures that keep the whole district in fear. You had the opportunity to explore this village and try to correctly use any of your opportunities to find out all the circumstances that caused the appearance of paranormal activity. Does the hero do this of his own free will? It is unlikely that this is exactly what you have to find out, along the way wandering through the cursed forest and visiting exactly that very gloomy village. You just have to take the chance to download FEAR: Call of the Village torrent on your PC and after that all the functions of your adventure will be fully available.

No hope of salvation

As you explore your surroundings, you will immediately begin to feel that there is no escape from this adventure. Constantly oppressive atmosphere, terrible creatures that are chasing you and many other dangers, all this will make you think about many things and try to make certain decisions. In any case, you have to take advantage of all your new opportunities and try to make decisions regarding this or that action. Remember that any oversight or mistake can be the cause of your death and this definitely cannot be allowed. For now, we suggest you just enjoy every moment and atmosphere of the game.


Now you just have to collect your thoughts and prepare for a dangerous adventure, which will be not only unpredictable, but also extremely dangerous. Do not relax, judging by the buildings, this village has existed for a very long time and a terrible evil lurks in it. Therefore, you just have to take the chance to download FEAR: Call of the Village via torrent for free and you can go on an exciting journey.

Game features

A gloomy and large village with an abundance of secrets.
Unpredictable monsters and ghosts.
The religious danger of the damned sectarians.
Dead lands, fraught with many mysteries.
Just one chance to escape.

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