Farlight Commanders


System requirements Farlight Commanders:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel i5 3.40 Ghz
Video card: Nvidia Gtx 770
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 10 GB

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Farlight Commanders

This is an arcade adventure in which the player is assigned the role of the captain of a spaceship. You have to control a huge space cruiser and plow the vastness of the galaxy with one goal – to enrich and destroy enemies. But first of all, you will need to download the game Farlight Commanders via torrent so that you get full control over the ship. And then you can go on an adventure and try to perform all the necessary actions to achieve your goal. Just take your time with your decisions and try to correctly use all your capabilities to destroy enemies. By the way, they will attack you with a large pack and shell your ship from all sides.

Necessary preparation

An interesting addition to the adventure is that you will now have the opportunity to prepare well for these adventures. After all, before each flight, you will be able to manage the internal staff of the spacecraft, equip cabins and hire new employees. All of this will pay off, provide you with a satisfying gameplay and allow you to enjoy every moment of the adventure. Take your time to use everything you have, save your money, try to protect your weaknesses and do not be afraid to take on the most difficult tasks.


As the captain of a spaceship, you have a lot of responsibility for the crew on your shoulders. Remember that the loss of your ship means the end of the game, so it’s worth fighting to the very last drop of fuel. This is the only way you can win and complete all tasks. And first of all, you will need to download the game Farlight Commanders via torrent on your PC to start traveling and enjoy every moment of the game.

Game features

The ability to control a large spaceship.
Customize the internal structure of the ship.
Upgrade your guns and defense.
Hire professional pilots.
Earn money and reputation.

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