Fantasy General 2 Invasion

System requirements Fantasy General 2 Invasion

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Dual Core CPU 2.5Ghz Intel Core I2xxx or equivalent AMD CPU
Video card: dx11 graphics card with dedicated 2 gb video memory
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 2.2 Gb


Fantasy General 2 Invasion

The virtual fantasy world has been at war for a long period of time, and countless battles and bloodshed have continued. Clans of barbarians, monsters and all the rest mixed in one stream and exterminated each other. The war has grown to an enormously grand scale and it has even endangered the existence of the whole world. This was the reason that King Brendan decided to take everything into his own hands and correct such a deplorable situation. He not only removed all powers from the clans, but also forced him to sign a peace treaty. And it seems like peace reigned, but it did not last long, until the death of the king. And after that, the clans again entered into feuds. And now the war again covers these lands and now threatens to spill over into more serious problems. We recommend that you download Fantasy General 2 from our website for free.

More about the game

And as it often happens, in the midst of war, a brave hero appears who can defeat everyone and establish peace in these lands. Your character at a young age felt the taste of war. He represents one of the clans, whose head is One-eyed Falir, the strongest of all warriors. And you are not just a warrior, you are his son. And now it’s in your hands to completely change the course of history. You will control a whole army with which you will go to conquer the world. All you need is to download the Fantasy General 2 torrent on our website. Start your victorious path right now and discover a new amazing world.

Great heritage

The presented game project Fantasy General 2 is made in the genre of strategy in the classical sense of the word. It began to be released back in the early 90s of the last century and is now reborn with the help of a whole team of competent specialists. They literally breathed new life into a once-popular video game. You have to manage the army, train soldiers and get a victorious result.

Fierce confrontation

The battle element in Fantasy General 2 is just awesome. You will find a long procession, the ability to control different characters, make corrections for their psychology and morale. You will also have to start developing strategic plans and tactical tricks, use the features of the location. You will also have access to units, in total there are almost 75 varieties in the game.

Adventure campaign

This mode in the Fantasy General 2 project will allow you to go on a campaign for victory together with your army. On the way you will fight with different clans. But the main task for you will be to prevent the war, gain power and overthrow the empire that allowed such a development.

Empire strikes back

It is the empire that will be the common enemy of each of the clans. She has at her disposal not only the most powerful army, but also terrible monsters from ordinary mutants to cruel golems. Therefore, to defeat it will be a difficult task, because you must think through all your actions in advance, quickly strike and try to achieve a positive outcome. The battle with the empire will certainly not bring you anything good if you move alone. In this matter, you need the help of other clans. Do not lose vigilance to constantly be on the alert and expect any surprises.

Charming surroundings

In the heat of battles in the vastness of the wonderful world called Aero, you will not have enough time to admire the beauties that open here. And this world is very beautiful. He has not only the original place, but also the icy mountains, which are full of all sorts of monsters. You can go to the forgotten lands, destroyed in the past by natural disasters. Every piece of this wonderful world is saturated with magic and you need to subjugate it.

The game is an amazing original strategy in which you will have the opportunity to see a luxurious world. To do this, follow the link to download the torrent Fantasy General 2. It remains only to wish you good luck!

Game features

excellent graphic design;
battle with various monsters;
the empire will not be delighted with your plans;
a huge assortment for choosing units;
scope for tactical tricks.

On this page you can download the game Fantasy General 2 via torrent for free on PC.



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