System requirements Fallow

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP
Processor: Any
Graphics Card: Any
Disk space: 121 MB
Sound Card: Any



In this slightly weird, but from this even more attractive game, not any character dies, but … reality. The main character, Isabelline Fallow, feels that her world is beginning to die. Everything becomes shaky and unnatural in this God-forgotten corner of the Universe, and the feeling begins to develop that she and her three sisters who lived with her are consistently forgotten, and everything begins to fade into oblivion. Therefore, if you download the Fallow torrent on your PC, then you will find yourself in this mysterious and some kind of mirage-like universe of the gaming world.

More about the game

Isabelline believes that while the memory of her sisters lives in her head, they have not completely disappeared, she wanders around in the Fallow game, but every time the world changes imperceptibly, and the house she comes to is a little different from what it was yesterday. All of this is very skillfully created by the creators of the game, who put more than 80 hand-drawn pixel art backgrounds into it. And there is also a mass of puzzles that are in the relatively real world, and in dreams, and in secret places that must be found in order to solve the main riddle of the game.

Features of the game

The graphics of the game are very unusual. and the orange sky in a kind of matte haze evokes very restless, unstable associations. This whole mysterious world is very unstable, and it can be difficult to find a way out of it. Will the main character Fallow forget her sisters, as the whole world has forgotten them? Will she disappear without a trace from her shaky universe? What will happen in this ominous orange continuum? It is up to you to decide when you will reveal its secrets one by one. Five hours of gameplay, and you can learn and understand everything! It’s an adventure, but it’s sad and mysterious, very atmospheric and very different from other games of this type. A kind of unreality in reality.

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