Fallen: A2P Protocol

System requirements Fallen: A2P Protocol:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.0
RAM: 2 Gb
Video Card: Intel HD 4000
Hard disk space: 1 GB


Fallen: A2P Protocol

The computer game Fallen: A2P Protocol by genre belongs to command and tactical shooters, has elements of turn-based strategies, as well as RPG, which describes the post-apocalyptic world. This game product is very similar in setting to the well-known game Fallout, and if we talk about mechanics, it looks like a toy called XCOM. The development of this exciting computer game involved igrodely representing the game studio Red Katana. If you are a fan of indie games, high-quality, colorful, dynamic, then pay attention to the game Fallen: A2P Protocol, which is available to all visitors to download the torrent from this page. Next, we will try to introduce you to its main features and technical points that every experienced gamer draws attention to.

More about the game

First of all, we want to draw your attention to the graphic side of the game product. Here is a three-dimensional playground, which is viewed from above. Well-designed scale, detailing at a high level, and this applies not only to the characters, but also to all objects in the game. You personally can verify this by proceeding with the passage of the toy. The gaming space is crowded with power plants. As a result of a failure in their work, an apocalypse occurred, which was rather unusual and strange. You have to play with other players and characters, you can change the appearance of the character, as well as perform other, interesting actions. Fans of the apocalypse theme in games, as well as the period after it, can experience all the difficulties of life when you need to survive. Download Fallen: A2P Protocol via torrent we offer this game using the unlimited possibilities of our resource.

Next, let’s talk about the mechanics and gameplay. As we mentioned earlier, the game has similarities with other game products, including in terms of mechanics. You will be able to use the original control system, to conduct battles step by step, using your tactics. Think before you take any step. You will have good equipment at your disposal. Each outing can end sadly for you, so be careful. The presence of RPG elements gives children the opportunity to work out your hero, give him new skills, as well as customize weapons, and much more. If you enjoy such games where such mechanics take place, like to think over the steps of the characters in advance, in this case, do not miss the moment for free Fallen: A2P Protocol download via torrent. And for this, go to our website via a special link.

On this page you can download the game Fallen: A2P Protocol via torrent for free on PC.



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