FAITH The Unholy Trinity

System requirements FAITH The Unholy Trinity

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: 64-bit Intel compatible Quad Core CPU
Video Card: DX 11 based graphics card
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 150 MB


FAITH The Unholy Trinity

The creators of game projects in the horror genre are constantly experimenting and enjoy complete freedom of action in this direction. So do not waste time thinking, but rather go on a journey with new locations that will become your main activity. In the game FAITH The Unholy Trinity, you will have to try on the role of a clergyman who visited one family in order to conduct an exorcism ceremony. However, after the demon was expelled, the priest himself became a victim.

More about the game

The following happened: the ceremony was not successful, but this unsuccessful attempt made this place only stronger, and it was filled with rather dangerous energy. And now the threat hung not only over the family that was cursed, but also over the rest of the civilians. It is urgent to decide what to do and try to save everyone. However, can our hero do this?

Pixel Horror

For those who prefer such game projects, we recommend you visit our online portal to download the FAITH The Unholy Trinity torrent there. But you must take into account one feature of this project – the entire journey is fully completed in pixel form. You only need to follow the development of events and find all the components of the puzzle. Of course, the combination of pixel art and horror is not the most familiar, however, the authors of the project managed to combine them as comfortably as possible. You now need to focus on the game and hit the road. You need to show your abilities in order to demonstrate dexterity and achieve a victorious result.

In FAITH The Unholy Trinity, you have to go all the way to enjoy the story. You will also have to be as careful as possible to unravel all the secrets. Do not worry, the curse can be destroyed, but it is not known what the price for all this will be.

Game features

Unusual pixel art for this genre;
interesting story;
probability of fighting a demon;
a large number of opportunities in order to break the curse;
an unexpected ending to the story.

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