Facebook Automation 6.9.2 Premium Cracked

System requirements Facebook Automation 6.9.2 Premium Cracked

Operating System: Windows Xp / Vista / 7/8/10
English language


Facebook Automation 6.9.2 Premium Cracked

Facebook Automation 6.9.2 Premium Cracked is a social media marketing tool. Facebook Poster & Scheduler, a lightweight tool designed to help users post massive personal messages on Facebook, group messages, search and join groups, publish on walls, publish on public pages, publish on fan pages, publish search queries and comment auto loves bot, schedule your posts. A great tool will allow you to advertise and drive traffic to your site on your site. You can get from hundreds to thousands of Facebook visitors daily without a click. The program has a good scheduler manager for you.

Program Details

– Easy to get list of groups, list of friends, pages.
– Search for groups by keyword, checking status (attached, not connected, open-closed secret confidentiality group, number of participants, notification …).
– Easy to filter the list of groups. Join any groups you want. Leave the bad groups (more members, do not let the message leave …) with one click. Turn on / off the notification from the groups you want.
– Massively invite friends to a group. Bulk invite users via email to a group
– Post a message, one photo or several photos in your selected groups. You can also publish your photo album in groups.
– Tag indicate friends on a post or a random tag friends on a post.
– Post a message, one photo or several photos on your wall or on the wall of a friend.
– Send a bulk private message to the users you selected.
– RANDOM / SPIN your message, link, image, photo … at the time of publication to prevent detection of spam on Facebook.
– Share your photo album / post for groups / pages / users …
– Search for users by keyword, automatically send a request to friends of the users you selected. Receive friend requests, accept or decline requests.
– Convert user id to Facebook email.
– Search for pages by keyword, checking the details of these pages (number of likes, number of posts, website, email, phone, country …). Mass invite a friend, as on the page. Advanced filter options for you.
– Export of email, phone, website from publicly accessible pages.
– Post a message, one photo, a private message on the public pages that you have selected.
– Raise your messages to groups or raise indicate message identifiers.
– Search for events. Participate in the events you have selected. Mass invites friends to the event.
– Post a message, a single photo of the events you have selected.
– Schedule your posts anywhere (groups, public pages, friends wall, private message, comment).
– Schedule bumping your messages into groups or specify message identifiers.
– Schedule joining groups.
– Setting the time interval for publishing, joining groups, sending a request to add to friends … Preventing spam detection on Facebook.
– Easily manage multiple Facebook accounts. Proxy support for each account. A simple post to indicate the account you have selected.
– Portable software, you do not need to install it to run.

Program features

1. Features – FPS gives you some functions that are not available to any program. We are also working on ideas about new opportunities that customers want.
2. Price. The cost of the program is 39.95 US dollars. This is a one-time payment, and in the future you will receive all updated versions.
3. Trial version – we offer a FREE and PREMIUM version. So you can try forever on the free version and upgrade to premium if you like it.


Facebook Automation 6.9.2 Premium Cracked received 5 stars from the editor www.softpedia.com and “Excellent” from users. (FPS on Softpedia)
FPS received 5 stars from users on download.cnet.com (FPS on Download.CNET)

Facebook Automation

– Add Market Place feature. We will need an account that will allow you to access this feature. It would be great if you could give us an account for FREE. Please contact us by email if you have.
– Function Status Syn, which allows you to see the details of accounts, such as the number of friends / groups, waiting for a request to add to friends, notification …
– For any new idea, please contact us as soon as possible.

Version 6.9.1 (Current)

– Fixed minor bugs reported from clients (e.g.: groups / users searching and checking, add account issue …)
– Invite like Page allow custome private message sending
– Add LOOP feature for FB Live
– Add more text preset for Normal Message
– Mass Auto LIKE now allow you working with Simulator Browser accounts
– Add Auto Comments to mass auto like / follow (Other Tools> Auto LIKE / FOLLOW / COMMENT)
– Add Sticker feature for Comments and Private Messages
– Change Google Shorten Link service to Bit.ly Shorten link service

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