Fable Anniversary

System requirements Fable Anniversary:

Windows OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: Intel 2GHz Core2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 x2 2.4GHz
Video Card: Radeon X1800 / Nvidia GeForce 7600GT
Hard disk space: 6.94 GB


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Fable Anniversary

Sometimes adults want to plunge into the atmosphere of a children’s fairy tale. This opportunity gives the computer game Fable Anniversary. Not forgetting about their fans, Microsoft Studios remade the first part of the franchise from scratch. In the ancient kingdom of Albion, troubled times are coming. The ancient evil comes to life and you need a hero who will not succumb to the temptation of evil and having learned the art of witchcraft will return hope to the hearts of people. The player is given control of a little boy, in whose eyes, his father is killed. After that, the ancient order of soldiers fighting on the side of good takes him.

They saw him elected, but this title will have to earn deeds. And here the potential of the game opens up – complete freedom of choice. Traveling through the open game world, you will often meet characters who offer you tasks, but each of them is performed with kindness or anger. From the decision to be rude or affectionate answer, your character will change, both externally and internally.

When going to the side of Darkness, he will grow his horns, long bangs and begin to pace in the dark fabric. Choosing good, a halo will appear above his head, and his eyes will be filled with a charming radiance. Fable Anniversary, your jaw will drop from what you see. The PC version differs in the reconstruction of each element of the game, from textures to character models and architecture. Every detail of the game has been recreated.

Fable: Anniversary is not an ordinary re-release of a familiar PC game, because it presents it in a completely different way. Unlike other developers who simply use high resolution, in order to submit the old game, as something new, the guys from the Lionhead studio showed phenomenal detail of their work, because they recreated it from scratch, using the capabilities of modern consoles and personal computers. .

Because of this, you get the opportunity to indulge in nostalgia and pay attention to how digital entertainment managed to step forward in just ten years. Albion is provided to your attention. A wonderful, fabulous place where future heroes live, but also villains who want to upset the balance of power. The protagonist lived in an ordinary village, until the evil bandits who had burnt their houses arrived. Because of what the father of the protagonist dies, and he remains an orphan, but promises that he will surely come the moment when he can take revenge on the meanest bastards. You can help him, starting to pass the Fable Anniversary, but also, the magicians of the bright side of the force who teach him spells and martial art come to the rescue. Due to this, he becomes a strong warrior, ready to fight for the return of glory to this city.

You have to use the ability of the game hero to conduct dialogues. Because the further outcome of the story will depend on it. Because the character changes depending on how he behaves. He can become both a demon and a holy man. It all depends on you.



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