Fable 4

System requirements Fable 4:

OS: Windows 7 or Windows 8 (64-bit);
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.33 GHz;
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or better;
DirectX 9.0;
Hard disk space 10 GB.


Fable 4

Here is a novelty in the market of interactive entertainment, a game in anticipation of which many gamers around the world languished. The name of this project is Fable 4. Everything was done in the role-playing format, and the creators were the popular company Play ground games. For all comers, we are in a hurry to inform you that you can download the Fable 4 torrent on the specified Internet portal.

More about the game

If we talk about the storyline, then in the game Fable 4 you have to immerse yourself in a completely different world on another planet. This happened because in the previous part the old planet was simply destroyed by order of the Mad King. He wanted a terrible catastrophe to befall this planet. So the creators send the surviving characters to another planet. Through the use of the Devil’s Door. Regarding the timeline, the actions in the presented game will take place in the Middle Ages, when firearms do not yet exist. At this time, the main thing was to conquer new continents.

Game features

The authors of the Fable 4 project decided to send our characters on a journey through time, so you have the opportunity to visit other eras. There was also a hint of the return of Jack’s favorite hero from Shadow. The game is made in a third-person format, but there is also a first-person mode. The transition from one mode to another is easy and painless. A completely new world opens up before the player, in which you can do anything you want. Of course, you may not stick to the plot of the game, but then some consequences will arise. For example, your character will not receive the title of a hero who saved the whole world from evil. You can also start and improve the cities through which you will pass.

All this will be reflected in the final result. Remember that it depends on your actions what the ending of this game will be. If you want to test your strength, then you need to follow the link to our game portal and download the torrent Fable 4 there.

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