Exzore The Rising

System requirements Exzore The Rising

Operating System: Windows 7 (64 bit)
CPU: 2+ Cores
HDD: 500 MB hard disk
Video card: OpenGL 2.1 with 1024 MB of memory
Also: Keyboard, mouse


Exzore The Rising

An incredible role-playing adventure awaits you in the new game Exzore The Rising, created in the good old fantasy genre. The game will unfold in a vast and completely open world, and the main storyline, according to the developers, will be the revenge of the protagonist for his honor.

More about the game

If you are interested in the plot of the game, then after the release in 2018, you can download Exzore The Rising from the torrent for free. After a devastating war, the main character returns home. During the war, he was forced to follow orders and do what now comes to him in terrible nightmares. But after the war ended, it turned out that now nobody just needs him – in the new world there is no place for him at all, and those for whom he risked his life now betrayed him and dishonored him, making him an enemy and an outcast. It is impossible to change what happened – but the main character has a chance to remember all his skills and take revenge on those who betrayed her.

According to the developers, the game Exzore The Rising will implement a unique combat system based on hand-to-hand combat skills, melee weapon skills and the ability of a pet – golden eagle. In addition to the actual battles, the main character will also perform various quests and search for treasures.

Since now the main character has no binding to either side, you can choose any fraction available in the game and build your behavior on the basis of this. Each action of the player will entail certain changes in the game world, and he, in turn, will adapt to the player. Therefore, to pass the same difficult places in one manner does not work out – you will need to develop your own tactics each time. Among other things, the developers promise that exploring the world will bring a lot of interesting minutes – it will be colorful, unusual and varied.

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