Exotic Matter


System requirements Exotic Matter

Operating system: Windows 7 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5
HDD: 4 GB hard disk space
Video card: Nvidia GTX 580Ti
As well as: Keyboard, mouse

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Exotic Matter

In the game Exotic Matter, the torrent of which can be downloaded here, your ship crashes on an alien planet a few light years from Earth, and your main task is to survive. Explore the open world of Xilin and dive into underground stations built by an extinct race. Find useful items, weapons and resources to achieve your goal – to get to Earth and save humanity in the process.


Exotic Matter is an open-world, single-player voxel RPG for PC. There is a well-written plot, which takes place on an unknown planet with underground stations. It is worth noting that the stations in the game are created randomly, and therefore you will never find two identical ones. The game engine allows you to create any mods, which means that you can explore planets created by other players.

Game features

– Huge planet with complete freedom of action
– Completely destructible environment
– Ability to build your bases by connecting doors with switches and using in-game computer systems
– Ability to extract resources underground
– A huge number of blocks are waiting for you, each of which has its own characteristics and features
– In the game you will come across many items left by representatives of an ancient alien civilization
– Craft new items and add them to your inventory using replication technology

– Explore extensive randomly generated stations
– Enjoy an interesting storyline
– Unique missions on a procedurally generated planet.

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