ExLibris 10.0.1

System requirements ExLibris 10.0.1

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

ExLibris 10.0.1

Provides you with a convenient and organized environment for quickly storing and managing information about your book collection. ExLibris 10.0.1 is a fairly intuitive Mac application that can help you keep track of your book collection. store detailed information about each manuscript and allows basic searches. Library database, create, manage, save and print data from the library. Simple, intuitive book search, integrated web browser for web search.

More about the program

Create, manage, save, print book sheets in your library.
Simple and intuitive search for your books.
Integrated web browser for online searches.
Barcode scanner to quickly add entries to the book.

The e-book market meets the demand of a very demanding customer. Even better, these devices are becoming more affordable and technologically advanced. However, along with support for many document formats, there is no functional software for working with e-books. As a result, the user is content with limited out-of-the-box tools.

Key features

Sharing may be needed if the book needs to be transferred to another device (Kindle, Android, iOS) over a local network, over a wireless connection, or over the Internet. In the case of iOS, a server is needed to read books for applications such as Stanza or Marvin.

ExLibris 10.0.1 does not actually require any prior configuration. As a last resort, check your firewall or anti-virus settings to see if the port used by Caliber is blocked. The network access configuration is located in the settings section of the same name. Here you can also set a username and password for the connection. When organizing access to the library via the Internet, you need to configure port forwarding on the router.

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