EVE Valkyrie


System requirements EVE Valkyrie

Operating system: Windows 7 x64.
Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 3.3 GHz / AMD FX @ 3.6 GHz.
RAM: 8 Gb.
HDD: 20 Gb hard disk space
Video card: nVidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 390 with 3 Gb of memory
Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX.
DirectX version: 11.

EVE Valkyrie

Space has always been an interesting solution for game development. EVE’s next product: Valkyrie incorporates elements of the cosmos, using it as the main platform for the battle of a large number of players. The product developer is CCP Games, which has a good reputation in the gaming market. The basic principles from the EVE Online product were used as the gameplay.

More about the game

Mass play allows you to be better than others in space and gain advantages. Both products are similar in nature and structure, allowing players to use the same skills. The only feature of the EVE: Valkirye product is the ability to use virtual reality glasses called OculusRift. Many even in modern conditions do not use this accessory, because for games it is really an unusual novelty with its own unique features. Now gamers can try out the new solution and give their feedback on how unique virtual reality is.

Game process

After putting on the glasses, everyone can move into the unusual atmosphere of the EVE game world. With the help of these features, players can become real captains of spaceships. In the game product EVE: Valkyrie, each player can get quite an unusual experience. Space, a large number of planets, as well as enemy spaceships that can attack at any time. They can be destroyed, but the Oculus Rift targeting system is used for this. This type of battle with enemies is considered unusual in the modern gaming industry. An unusual atmosphere gives emotions and provides an unusual experience.

Story and gameplay

There is no cyclical story, but it matches the story in the EVE game, so a complete identity is maintained. This component is not important in the game, because it is the gameplay that is the main element of the game. After the start, the players immediately get into the fighting. The first-person view provides a pleasant overview. During the first seconds, the ship will develop speed through the airlock, after which it enters outer space. After that, you need to expect the arrival of an entire army of opponents.

Game features

The player is obliged to destroy enemy ships and cruisers in order to gain an advantage in the future. There is nothing unusual or unique in such a confrontation, but the game was designed specifically for use with Oculus Rift technology, which allows you to make the product unusual and interesting at the same time. Everyone can download EVE: Valkyrie for free via torrent and experience the game benefits for themselves.

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