Estranged Act 2

System requirements Estranged Act 2:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz
Video Card: GTX 470 / Radeon 6870 HD or better
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 10 GB



Estranged Act 2

Ships, fishing, spying? What could be more interesting for relaxation? Naturally, a responsible mission. Quite often, we watch films in which one person acts against an insidious association. In this case, in the game Estranged Act 2 you have to take on the role of a fisherman, who recognized the true cause of the shipwreck. A corporation that did this has killed thousands of people. Find the instigators to solve this case. But keep in mind that you need to be very careful and alert. Keep track not only of you, but also of you.

More about the game

The project Estranged Act 2, which can already be downloaded with a torrent from our game resource, offers you a continuation of the legendary first part. You escaped from captivity, but now you need to investigate the den of criminals.

Danger is everywhere

Of course, when performing a secret mission, you have to consider a lot. Problems that arise in front of you can either lead to advancement, or make even more trouble. Therefore, any action should be deliberate. But do not hesitate and be active. You have to immediately get on track, and tune in to a favorable result. Let you be watched, but you must not lose your goal. And if hunters from the corporation chase after you, you will need to try to hide from them. Acting in the rear, you can protect yourself and start collecting items. You can download Estranged Act 2 torrent right now on our resource.

Only you decide what to do

Sometimes it’s not clear what the character has to do when he has so much freedom of action. To begin, we recommend that you set a goal. If you know what you need to achieve, then you can act without fear. No matter how dangerous your enemies are, do not leave your line. Estranged Act 2, download via torrent from our game portal is easy. You can play for free, defeat enemies and reveal the plans of the corporation. It remains to wish good luck and focus.

Your hero, by the way, is very worried. And only you know how difficult it can be for him. Do not forget to evaluate the environment, act thoughtfully. Difficulties may arise on your way, but if you have a goal, passing the game with a wonderful result is simple. The most important thing is not to reduce your positions and take the first step. Take care of your strength and achieve success.

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