Escape From Tarkov

System requirements Escape From Tarkov:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 Bit)
Processor: 2.4 GHz dual-core processor
Video Card: DX9 compatible graphics card with 1 GB video memory
Sound: DirectX compatible audio card
Network: Permanent Internet Connection
Disk space: from 8 GB

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Escape From Tarkov

A fascinating project Escape From Tarkov, created by Russian developers is an innovative MMO shooter. Gamers are invited to participate in an exciting adventure taking place in a fairly hostile environment. Users will come into confrontation with the forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the UN. Events unfold in the small town of Tarkov, in which a secret laboratory is located. A lot has been heard about her, but so far no one of the uninitiated has been able to see it, while it is necessary to find her as soon as possible. Those who got into it disappeared without a trace, remaining in a mysterious town, they did not die, but the village was isolated, and many liked what they saw there.

More about the game

Gamers Escape From Tarkov fall into an incredibly hostile environment, where they are given complete freedom of action. The most realistic picture of reality is created. The characters will experience real thirst and hunger, if the wounds are not treated on time, then infection will occur, which will spread, causing a general deterioration. These factors cannot even be called problems, compared to what players will have to face in this universe. To survive, gamers are invited to use all kinds of modules that support the general condition. In addition, you must correctly use tactics and tricks, entering into a confrontation.

Platform Benefits:

– The developers of Escape From Tarkov created a vivid action in a hardcore style, where the action takes place in the first person. Gamers need to learn how to use the proposed circumstances, resort to the use of unusual solutions to conduct effective events and survival.
– The game is concentrated not only on the main storyline, but also on additional tasks and quests. Successfully completing support missions, you increase your chances of survival, and in addition, you can find a secret path to an isolated village and safe escape routes.
– The platform has a realistic habitat, as you can see for yourself, just download Escape From Tarkov via torrent for free using the convenient menu on our site. Here, physical indicators and characteristics, wounds, hunger,
exhaustion, lack of oxygen and other effects on the hero.

Project Features:

– Escape From Tarkov users will be able to enjoy the fighting realities, where you can completely take control of the situation, without limiting yourself in possible actions. Use the available shelters, take into account the ballistics and the realism of physical features. Any item, including kitchen utensils, cabinets, and more, can benefit from it. The main thing is to find them all a reasonable use.
– An extensive scheme of opportunities includes over eighty skills that can be divided into practice, combat, mind and physics. It all depends on your type of activity, which will directly affect the development of a particular branch.
– Here everyone can choose an activity for themselves. PvP fans will love the assaults on defensive structures and spectacular clashes with rivals. If you prefer stealth mode, you can use camouflage to penetrate the enemy rear. Do you like to pump, get resources and points using the grind? Here, this goodness is enough, while the process can take a lot of time, but the unique crafting system will make the occupation quite exciting.
– Pay attention to the economic part of the project. In the game, even here a lot depends on the actions of gamers. Free trade and auctions are provided. You can create an established system by trading and hiring fighters to do things.
I would like to note the convenient and most effective systems for customizing and crafting useful items, research and organization of the caches.

Only those who prove their strength, intelligence and agility can survive here. All in your hands!

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