Endless Dead


System requirements Endless Dead

Operating system – Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1;
Processor – Intel i5-4590;
RAM – 1 GB
Hard drive – 1 GB;
Video Card – NVIDIA GTX 970 / ATI radeon HD 3850


Endless Dead

Now the market is oversaturated with all sorts of zombie survivors, so I would not be surprised if you get tired of phrases from authors like: “survival in an infected world”, “multiplayer fun with friends”, “looting and finding the source of the virus”. Agree, it sounds rather sad, but populism has never allowed all sorts of indie crafts to fail, but there is a certain feature in the Endless Dead game that, of their own free will or not, the authors borrowed from project zomboid, and this is an isometric view that allows the game to stand out against the background of monotonous fps about a zombie virus.

More about the game

However, videos with dumb (even by zombie standards) enemies, and clumsy animation, coupled with an unsightly-looking style, published by the authors, are a little embarrassing and make you think. It is very difficult to say clearly now, because information on the game is very difficult to find, but statements and an unusual look make you wait for a rather interesting game, and in the end, animation and intelligence, in almost half a year, are not something that is real, but must be corrected, you look the game will get an interesting plot and unique gameplay.

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