System requirements EMBERZONE:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3 / AMD Athlon II X3 or better
Video card: Geforce GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7850
Disk space: 8 GB




Not all horror films offer to deal with inexplicable phenomena and be afraid of every rustle. Sometimes, among all the entertainment, you can find such a thing as psychological horror. For example, today we invite you to pay attention to the game EMBERZONE, in which you have to take on the role of an ordinary girl who worked and tried to build a career as a journalist. She lived a measured life, enjoyed the bright moments and just got the most out of everything. True, one unpleasant event left such an imprint on her that she completely plunged into depression and is now on the verge.

More about the game

As you may have guessed, the main goal in your adventure will be to find various ways to defeat your own depression. You have to actively use various and accessible ways to get the meaning of life and try to keep the main character in a stable state. This can be a variety of activities, from a banal walk with a dog to cooking. And in order not to waste time, we suggest that you simply download EMBERZONE via torrent on your PC for free and start gradually achieving success. If you do everything right, you will begin to notice an improvement in your character.

Dangerous thoughts

I would like to note right away that you should not immediately take on all the available activities, since a situation may well occur that the activity will begin to remind of problems and only aggravate the situation. Therefore, in order to effectively use the activities and try to offer the girl much more different opportunities, we suggest you simply download the EMBERZONE torrent on your PC and start carefully analyzing the situation. Only with the right approach and choice of solutions can you achieve a favorable result.

Game features

Fighting depression always causes a wide variety of problems. Therefore, you have to gather strength and try to make the right decisions in order to achieve a favorable result. Surely before you have not encountered such games and now it’s time to understand this issue and try to make the right decisions. Try to reach your goals, make no mistakes and strive for the best. The girl really needs strong help that will make her believe in life again. Good luck!

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