Elo Hell


System requirements Elo Hell

OS: Windows 7+
Processor: Intel 4 core.
Video card: GTX 900 Series.
DirectX: Version 10.
Disk space: 3 GB.

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Elo Hell

Are you ready to embark on a journey through the world of Elo Hell? Before you is a rich adventure with a lot of references to esports culture and its representatives. Play as Chance Betzinger, who dreams of becoming a professional gamer, and immerse yourself in the world’s first interactive sitcom with episodes!

More about the game

In this light comedy that raises a number of topical questions about growing up, you will control high school student Chance Betzinger. He gradually unleashes his potential as a professional gamer, sitting up all day long in a new game called Echo Star. And the rest of the time he communicates with his friends, leads a normal daily life, and sometimes makes quite important decisions.


Since Elo Hell is a unique game, we have no plans to turn Echo Star into a real esports discipline. However, Echo Star will have a separate ranking system to keep the competitive spirit of players looking to brighten up the anticipation of new episodes. We also plan to introduce a number of new features in the future.

Here is the most honest look at the esports industry from a team of enthusiastic gamers. Nicky Taylor, Kiandymundi and Falconshield took part in the creation of the game. We have signed contracts with teams of real esports players, so in the game you can become part of your favorite team. We consult with professional players, streamers, cosplayers and other industry representatives to build on their experience to create the most compelling world in the game.

Game Features

And more importantly, we understand what the esports community is all about – a magical mix of fun, friendship, seriousness, and a dash of frustration. This is a culture of enthusiasts who are not afraid of self-irony, unlike the culture of traditional sports. Echo Star is an epic and addictive game, but the game’s world is based primarily on comedic elements, friendship and the story of growing up a guy who has chosen the crazy path that many of us have only dreamed of. And this is a great reason to download Elo Hell torrent.

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