ElectriX Electro Mechanic Simulator

System requirements ElectriX Electro Mechanic Simulator:

Operating System: Windows 7 or later
Processor: i3 or better
Video Card: GeForce 660 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 10 GB



ElectriX Electro Mechanic Simulator

The game is an interesting technical simulator in which you have to repair various electronic equipment. Its assortment is very large, ranging from a variety of phones to computers and other equipment. In the ElectriX Electro Mechanic Simulator game, which you can download on our website with a torrent, you will not only repair various equipment, but you will also find yourself in the center of a world conspiracy and your skills will come in handy to reveal it.

More about the game

Repairing electrical appliances is the first and most difficult task in the ElectriX Electro Mechanic Simulator game that you will need to complete. Further it will be even more difficult. You will have to repair the most complex computer equipment – follow the chips, look for parts, connect them to repair the most difficult household appliances. Your task as an electrician and mechanic is to complete new tasks. You have not seen such a simulator yet. How to pass successfully all stages of the game without hoping for anyone? You yourself have to complete complex and dangerous missions and tasks to eliminate electrical appliances that have failed. So act on your own.

Game features

– You can zoom in any detail to consider it in detail;
– Read each task carefully so as not to break any particularly valuable part;
– A very large number of various quests, ranging from relatively simple to very complex. The difficulty of the quest depends on your client;
– You can disassemble the device to the last screw and study their contents;
– The ability to create your own unique devices, the performance of which will depend only on how much you are versed in technology;
– Parts that remain after repair can be sold;
– Complete freedom of action. If you understand that repairing the appliance is not practical or too expensive, you can always refuse it;
– Access to the flea market – buy broken equipment and disassemble it for details;
– As you upgrade, you will improve your skills and climb the career ladder;
– Over time, you will receive tips that will help you gradually approach the disclosure of the main secret of the game;

On this page you can download the game ElectriX Electro Mechanic Simulator torrent free on PC.



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