El Hijo

System requirements El Hijo

OS: Windows 7+
CPU: 2.4GHz
Graphics Card: 1GB
Disk Space: 2 GB
Gamepad Support: Full



El Hijo

Stories with a well-written plot are something that everyone will like. Then the user tries not only to free up a minute to play a game with a well-written plot, but also tries to choose similar stories in the future. If you are looking for a game with a high-quality plot, then you need to download the El Hijo torrent and you will be captured by a world of incredible adventures. In this game, your character will be a little boy who gets into an unpleasant situation. He will have to correct his unenviable position. To do this, you will need to complete all the tasks that will appear on the way to the goal.

Hard luck

The beginning of the story of El Hijo tells that the boy’s parents lost their farm, thanks to which they had food and means of survival. The reason for this was the terrible bandits who attacked the family of farmers, and then looted and burned the farm. To save the boy, his mother gives him to the monastery. But the main character fundamentally disagrees with a similar way of life and simply escapes from the priests. But escaping from the monastery, he is alone. Now the boy wants to find his parents, who are going through far from the best of times. However, parents are completely sure that their child is under supervision, but by chance, the boy prowls in search of his family, despite all the difficulties and dangers of the chosen path.

More about the game

To help the boy find his family, you need to go to the site and download the El Hijo torrent for free and go on a quest. You will have to solve all kinds of puzzles, use the environment to hide from unpleasant characters and try to find at least some information about your family. The matter ahead is not easy, but we are confident that you will cope with the task.

Game features

– nice and bright graphics;
– interesting soundtrack;
– you have to do everything possible. To achieve the desired goal;
– interaction with the environment;
– a very attractive little hero.

On this page you can download the game El Hijo torrent free on PC.



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