System requirements Eitr

OS: Windows 7 or later
Gamepad support: Full



Despite the great progress in the development of computer games, the emergence of cinematic scenes and virtual reality devices, simple pixel projects with a captivating storyline and addictive gameplay continue to enjoy popularity. The Eitr project combines the genres of action, adventure and RPG, in it you can find similarities with such famous games as Dark Souls, Diablo, Path of Exile, Golden Ax. From each, the developers borrowed various elements, thus obtaining an assortment of the best features of these projects.

More about the game

The plot of the game is based on Scandinavian mythology, as indicated by its name. Eitr is an all-destroying poison. According to the plot of the game, he poisoned the Yggdrasil tree. A tree is not a simple one (it is understandable – simple trees are not given names), but a world tree. According to the myths of Scandinavia, Yggdrasil brings together 9 worlds and serves as the basis of the universe. However, due to the influence of the air, living skeletons, giant rats and other unpleasant, and even belligerent creatures began to penetrate into these worlds. The main character will have to protect the world tree from all evil spirits. She uses a sword for attack and a shield for defense – it’s simple. However, in this simplicity, there was a place for magic …

Features of the game

The presentation video and gameplay video resemble the games listed above, but not only them. Fallout 2 is also worth remembering here, although this project is made in a slightly different genre. To be more precise, it is worth remembering the first level of the legendary role-playing game. The studio tried to make it not a simple training for a gamer, but a real challenge, exciting and exciting, opening the doors to a huge interesting world. You get about the same experience when you watch a gameplay video. You can download the Eitr torrent on our website.

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