Edge Of Galaxy

System requirements Edge Of Galaxy:

OS: Windows 7/10
CPU: 1.8 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
HDD: 400 MB


Edge Of Galaxy

Here you can download Edge Of Galaxy, a real-time strategy game in a space fiction setting, from the torrent. You have to, as the commander of a small space fleet of mercenaries, look for a way out of difficult situations and try to earn some loans. Edge Of Galaxy is a strategy with indirect control, which means that you will not control each ship yourself. You will have to take control of the whole fleet, hiring new ships, pumping them, installing new weapons and other upgrades. This will give you the opportunity to get many unusual situations that would not be possible with classical control.

More about the game

The Edge Of Galaxy strategy, which you can download from a torrent on our website, gives the player a lot of interesting gaming features. The game has a well-developed system for combining various types of weapons and support modules. The installation of various modules completely changes the parameters of the armament of the ship and its characteristics. You can adjust the combat potential of the fleet to solve specific problems and develop your own style of play.

Game Features

In the game Edge Of Galaxy, you can join one of five factions, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Performing tasks, you will receive two in-game currencies – fame and credits, which you can spend to buy new ships or improve existing ones. In addition to space battles, you will find interesting text quests, each of which can be completed in several ways. With each passing game worlds will be randomly generated, which gives unlimited opportunities for passing. The game boasts nice 2D graphics and stylish music.

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