System requirements Eclipse

Processor: INTEL I5 CORE.
RAM: 4096 MB RAM
Video card: NVIDA GTX960.
DirectX: Version 12.
Disk space: 1024 MB.


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Eclipse is a modern global strategy game. Here you will expand the territory, the borders of the empire, you can conduct research, extract resources and engage in construction. The most important thing is to secure your territory. Space strategy plunges into the world of fantasy. Lead civilizations, explore new star systems, technologies, warships. The user chooses several ways to achieve the goal. The enemy should not learn about your weaknesses.

More about the game

Strengthen, modernize, watch your colonies, strengthen your defenses. This is the only way to overthrow the enemy. Your goal is to survive the massive battle. Colonize distant planets, introduce advanced technologies, upgrade your space ships to become invincible. The galaxy needs a wise ruler right now. It’s time to download Eclipse to your pc via torrent for free from our website.

Game features

It’s time to colonize the planets and become more powerful. Every day is a new battle. Show your greatness in front of other planets. Control an intelligent civilization now. This is a real game for colonizers and explorers of uncharted outer space.

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