Eclipse Edge of Light

System requirements Eclipse Edge of Light:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: i5-4590 / FX 8350 or better
Video Card: GTX 970 / RX 480 or better
Disk Space: 2 GB


Eclipse Edge of Light

There are many different planets in the universe and not every one of them is safe. Today we suggest you download Eclipse Edge of Light via torrent and take on the role of a young traveler. She has long been traveling through space and looking for curious planets. True, in most cases, she came across dead and extremely dangerous planets that frightened off their natural phenomena. True, after long wanderings, she managed to find something unusual and curious. Not only was the planet suitable for living, but also traces of an ancient civilization were found on it. And this means that it is time to go explore all these open spaces, benefit and just try to actively use all available abilities.

More about the game

We suggest you not to waste much time and begin to act actively, because discoveries and a lot of interesting activities await you. For example, in the game Eclipse Edge of Light, you will find that the echoes of that civilization are still on the planet. At the same time, having activated some mechanism, you turned on the system of automatic destruction of all living things. Therefore, now you have to find salvation, try to turn off this system and do at least something so as not to lose touch with the find. The task is difficult, but extremely interesting and curious.

Game features

The game Eclipse Edge of Light will delight with its unusual puzzles, the ability to realize their potential and just enjoy every available moment of the game. You will need to be smart and just be an attentive player. Do not think that the representatives of this civilization were stupid, they thought through everything and even established protection from extremely curious researchers. In general, we suggest you not to lose time and just start acting. The result will please you and will definitely allow you to enjoy every moment of the game.

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