Echo of war

System requirements Echo of war

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU: 2Ghz
Video Card: 1GB VRAM
Hard Drive Memory: 5 GB



Echo of war

The computer game Echo of war was created in the RPG genre, with action elements. It will give users amazing emotions and allow you to enjoy exciting adventures. The plot of the project tells about the demonic power that has invaded our world, and it is the gamer who is able to stop this madness. The player goes to a huge, vast world, and he will face a series of tests. You will visit among lifeless deserts and green forests, get new experience and skills. A huge number of various enemies will meet on the way, and each will require a special approach.

More about the game

Develop combat abilities, because this will help to cope with serious difficulties and challenges as you progress in the game project. Echo of war players will be able to create, and later modify, the army by collecting invincible warriors who can easily achieve good results in battles. Magic will also be present, and opponents will actively use it. Therefore, do not lose your vigilance, and think in advance about the exact strategy. Explore all locations, create a powerful empire, and make sure all your enemies are defeated.

Story line

The game project Echo of war will not surprise you with an intriguing plot. The player takes control of the chosen one, and he will encounter demons who obey a certain Master. The world was threatened by universal evil, and only you can get rid of it and save the planet. A simple but fun story is accompanied by an open world divided into several locations. The player will visit lifeless hot deserts, study the secrets of ancient temples, make every effort to survive in the mountains, and even go down to the bottom of the ocean. There are absolutely no restrictions in the research process.


The gamer will be able to choose a character from the proposed options. The first is to control a fearless warrior with heavy armor, or the second is to choose a sorceress who owns and uses in practice tarot cards and many magic spells. It is possible to pump the hero during the game, adding new abilities to him to give him uniqueness.

Game features

During the game, users will move around the game world, perform various quests, engage in battles with enemies in the form of monsters and bosses. Act to be done in real time, using the attacks and abilities of the hero during the battles, because this is the only way to defeat opponents. Having won, the player, in addition to experience, will also receive a reward.

The game Echo of war lacks new mechanics, which means that the gameplay will be familiar to many. But, nevertheless, this project will bring pleasure and enjoyment to many gamers, because it is not just MMORPG. Here, the creators added action, and made the game world open. In order to test their strength in this project, users do not have to pay anything. Downloading the game is free, so for those who want to play an exciting game, we recommend not to lose time.

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