System requirements EBOLA 2:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: i5 or better
Video card: Geforce 820m
Disk space: 17 GB


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This is a game from the developer Indie Games Studio in the genre of horror, shooter, zombie apocalypse, RPG. It is also important to include logic for the passage. You can download Ebola 2 to PC via torrent for free. So, briefly about the plot. The main scene in the game is a secret laboratory called “Mole-529”. Dangerous viruses and vaccines against them were developed in this place. But something goes wrong, and an accident occurs at a secret facility. The employees who worked there do not get in touch with the outside world.

More about the game

A special group is sent to the scene of the accident to search for and rescue the survivors and eliminate the consequences of the disaster. The EBOLA 2 player finds himself in the role of a technician, one of the members of the special rescue team. The character descends to a very gloomy subway station, where he is met by a group. Together they go to the place where the entrance to the secret base is located. Then the technician descends into the depths of the destroyed secret laboratory, not expecting what he will see below. He finds himself cut off from the group, and locked in a ten-story building filled with darkness, destruction, and the infected dead.

Game features

The main character has to fight for his life, solve puzzles, encounter dangerous monsters that can break free at any moment. So the usual rescue operation turns into a mission to save the whole world. Exciting plot, realistic graphics, gloomy and frightening atmosphere will appeal to fans of classic games in the genre of horror and zombie apocalypse, as well as beginners.

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