Eassos Recovery Free

System requirements Eassos Recovery Free

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Interface: English,
Bit depth: 32 and 64 bit
File size: not more than 64 Kb
Size: 42.46 MBEassos Recovery Free


Eassos Recovery Free

Eassos Recovery Free is an effective tool to recover lost partitions or files. You can use this application to recover any files that were deleted accidentally or damaged. Thanks to this application, you can remain calm, knowing that you can restore everything that disappears no matter for what reasons from your computer.

Utility Details

This application divides its functions into four separate parts so that it is easier to analyze the computer and recover the necessary elements faster: recovering files in a partition, restoring lost partitions, restoring files from a hard disk, and restoring deleted documents.

In all four cases, and always when you work with files that you want to return to your computer, you can specify where Eassos Recovery Free should be looked for and wait for the process to complete. When the scan is completed, the results list will contain detailed information, such as the name of the file, the date of the last change, the exact location and other important information that will help you know which items you can restore and which cannot.


In Eassos Recovery Free, you can specify the file, disk, or partition where you want to search, making the process of finding the desired file faster and easier. This approach eliminates the need to wait until all the corners in your computer are scanned, and you can quickly recover files that you thought were lost forever. Just one click, and you can return any file to its original place, as if it never disappeared from there.

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