System requirements Earthbreakers

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 3.2 Ghz Processor (dual core)
Video Card: TBD
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet Connection
Disk Space: 10 GB
Sound Card: Windows Compatible Sound Device



Here is a team game with multiplayer mode, which is available in PvP format. It perfectly combines the elements of RTS and FPS. Therefore, if you decide to download the Earthbreakers torrent, then it is better to visit our game resource. You have a battle for the territory, the assembly of valuable ingredients and the opportunity to create a unique base of talented warriors. You need to choose a class for the infantry, and then begin to organize the defense of the base and supply line. You have the opportunity to build new buildings, control special military equipment and use different technologies to eliminate the enemy.

More about the game

In the Earthbreakers game project, there is a procurement system for the team; it creates the RTS operating mode for the base. New quests will be available only after you pass already open. Also, after completing current tasks, you will have access to new classes, innovative equipment, opportunities for modernization of buildings, and much more. You can start building a new plant for the production of more powerful equipment or make the walls around the headquarters more secure. A huge role in this project is played by resources, namely Vilotit, but we will talk about it later. They are necessary in order for the base to function at full strength. They can be collected using special equipment and sent for recycling.

Game features

The universe of the Earthbreakers game is very harsh, but at the same time dynamic and vibrant. In the game you have access to various types of foot soldiers, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. After you build a certain building, a higher rank will be revealed to you. You can control at the headquarters with different characters: a soldier who is going to go to the forefront, a technician who repairs cars and other vehicles. There are also several tanks at your disposal, which will add power to you and help destroy enemy redoubts. An impulsive tank can destroy the combines and towers of the enemy, an armored personnel carrier can withdraw troops from the battlefield without damage. The terrain in the game is constantly changing, new obstacles appear on your way. On each of the maps there are two headquarters, capture areas, a special landscape and much more that can affect the outcome of the battle.


Well now you can finally talk about the Earthbreakers storyline. In the courtyard, 2045 is a time of widespread unrest, mass protests and atrocities, as well as civil wars. But it so happened that scientists created a completely unique resource called Vilotite. Any other known element can be extracted from it, and it can also serve as a source of energy. A whole system of satellites was launched into orbit to study materials that will help in the creation of conversion bombs.

At first, this project was completely safe and did not threaten civilians. Even the first test was carried out successfully and thereby scientists got at their disposal a fair amount of Vilotite. This was enough to provide the US east with energy for a whole week. Due to the successful results, it was decided to start the system in full operation mode. However, a group of hackers ruined all plans. 15 years have passed since that moment and the Earthbreakers system became not functional, in addition, the bombing of the orbit does not stop. Many countries have entered alliances to collect resources during each such explosion.

Key Features of Earthbreakers

There are two fractions, each of them has 12 classes of infantrymen, and another 11 buildings, 6 types of military vehicles, including a combine harvester for collecting Vilotite.
A couple of different locations are available, as well as support for game servers.
A team can have up to 32 players, but there is a game mode with bots in a single player campaign.

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