Dwarf Shop

System requirements Dwarf Shop

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
CPU: 2.33 GHz
Video Card: Video Card 2006 or later
Disk space: 500 Mb


Dwarf Shop

For fans of such a genre trend as simulators, we present a new original game project called Dwarf Shop. It is designed as a trading simulator, where you have to find out how the gnomes work. You need to attract the dragon to your own clan and collect gold from the sea. You can send elves deep into the caves to find the right ingredients. Also at this time, the rest of the gnomes will be creating various devices to sell them to potential, but slightly suspicious, buyers.

More about the game

Build your store, filled with different devices that you can create with the help of gnomes. Also at your disposal will be more strength and different bonuses, if you can correctly use the items that the dwarves created. You can also sell them for a good price. Take a closer look at the client, feel his need to purchase goods and choose the best price. Also, the creation of new devices increases your business reputation and allows you to find new recipes for creation. If you want to download the Dwarf Shop torrent, then you need to visit our game portal.

Game features

During production, you can use the battlefield to explore caves that you cannot enter. Fight against different opponents in caves. And also look for treasures, supplies, collect all the goods for the manufacture. Are your strengths at the limit? You can rest and recover after you find all the items. Then it will still be necessary to defeat several enemies. Remember that the main goal for you will be gold. You need to collect enough of this metal so that the dragon can smell it and fly in. They will be able to demonstrate to you those who are in the house. All the events of the game Dwarf Shop take place in the most popular fantasy universe, where various creatures from mythology live, magic is used and there are many other amazing things.

You need to take under your leadership a whole clan of gnomes who decided to create their own store directly above the mysterious caves. From now on, you will become the head and will be able to control their actions, take unique items for sale, improve the characteristics of your subordinate gnomes, etc. The main goal that you pursue is the accumulation of the maximum amount of gold. So, if you like these kinds of projects, then we recommend that you go to the specified link and download the Dwarf Shop torrent for free.

All devices and mechanisms that gnomes create in their workshops can be sold for a good price or used in special markets in order to gain more strength and other abilities. Also focus on the needs of your customers, sell them spare parts and useful items. If you can correctly catch the feelings of a potential buyer, you can play to increase the price. Importing original products will allow your business to grow rapidly. Guide the dwarves into the caves in search of resources that cannot be found in the market. However, you should be careful, because the deeper you dig, the more likely it is to run into monsters.

The gameplay of Dwarf Shop here can be divided into three usual sections. The first section is the development of your store and the hotel you built. Have you seen in fantasy games what taverns and shops look like? Here in their likeness and do. You also need to check the availability of the necessary assortment in the shop. Engage in sales of uniforms, armor, weapons and much more. Thus, you can earn yourself the necessary reputation and gain experience in trading. In the second part you will have to go down to the caves. When the elves are shopping, creating new devices and mechanisms and just having fun, others need to go on a trip directly to the basement, which is located under the store.

To go to jail, take one of the gnomes to the escort. In that place you will have to join the battle with different opponents, overcome all obstacles, buy the necessary resources and ingredients, and most importantly try to pick up the treasures that are in each cave at the end. The last, third part involves drawing projects, creating new objects from all kinds of sources and products that are in the dungeon. It will be a rather difficult game of Dwarf Shop, because each decision you make has a certain impact on all the gnomes, their reputation and position in the trading world. Also, a lot depends on how much gold you earn.

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