Dungeons 3

System requirements Dungeons 3:

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit only)
Processor: Intel Quad Core 2.8 GHz (i7 900 series) or 3.5 GHz AMD (FX 6000 series)
Graphics card: Intel HD4400, NVIDIA GeForce GT 440 / GT 650M, AMD Radeon HD 7750 / R5 255M (DirectX: Version 11)
Sound card: Sound device compatible with DirectX
Hard disk space: 8 GB


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Dungeons 3

Dungeons 3 is a unique opportunity for you, as a player, to visit the real dungeon, which was a popular location for desktop RPGs of that time. Teenagers of the last century liked to play in them, because the only requirement in such games was only the imagination, with the help of which various monsters appeared in the vast terrible dungeons. Now, you don’t need to invent anything, because the developers have already done all this for you, the only thing you need to do is to install this entertainment on your computer. And since this is the final chapter of the trilogy, then get ready for the developers to prepare for you a lot of surprises, in the spaces of which you will have to develop your character to fight with a huge number of opponents.

You have to use a huge number of very different weapons, with the help of which the opponents will have nothing to offer against you, because you will be able to use magic, to use which you just need to bring some manna into your pockets, it will serve as a potential due to which you should kill your enemies. The main task that stands before you is to get out of this dungeon, and at the same time clean it from all sorts of enemies, for this you need to use the full potential of magic to its fullest. So get ready to fight and kill opponents right and left. For this you will have all the possibilities.



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