Dungeon Munchies

System requirements Dungeon Munchies:

OS: Windows 7 or newer
Processor: Intel Core i5
DirectX: Versions 10
Disk Space: 1 GB



Dungeon Munchies

Beautiful anime games have always amazed not only expectations, but also simply pleased. For example, if you decide to download Dungeon Munchies, then immerse yourself in a rather unusual entertainment in which you have to play for a guy. He is far from being so ordinary and at one point he learned that the world is in great danger. He personally met with the ghost of a girl who in the previous life was a hero and cooks at the same time. Now she says that fruits and vegetables have been mutated, threaten stability in the world and that the guy should save everyone. There’s nowhere to go, so you just need to try to find your way around everything and start to act.

Indeed, now vegetables and fruits began to create dangerous monsters and capture the world. They threaten overall stability and can cause general chaos, however, you stand between all these goals. You have to be guided by the tips of the girl ghost and try to destroy all enemies. What can be used as weapons? It’s simple, the girl is ready to give you the opportunity to use unusual vegetable weapons, which can be constantly improved. Do not be surprised, thanks to such an unusual generation, you can personally adjust the improvement of your weapon to add massive and single damage. Just keep in mind that after a defeat your weapon will be dropped and you will have to develop everything from the very beginning.

The game implemented pixel graphics, which is equipped with a variety of details and beautiful surroundings. You just need to get used to such an unusual graphic adventure, which will allow to achieve a favorable result. It remains to wish you good luck, all the best and success in your difficult business. Do not underestimate the enemies, they are quite dangerous and unpredictable. We wish you good luck!



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