Drunk On Nectar


System requirements Drunk On Nectar:

Operating system: Windows 7 SP1, 8, 10 – only for 64 bits!
Processor: 3 Ghz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Grafik: Dedicated Graphics Card with 2 GB VRAM, min DirectX10
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 10 GB


Drunk On Nectar

The genre of simulators is constantly updated with new and interesting projects. It would seem that nothing can surprise the players, but the developers of the game Drunk On Nectar, which can be downloaded via torrent on our portal, still managed to do it. The thing is that they have chosen a truly unique genre for their project.

More about the game

In this game you will witness the life of insects in great detail, as you can create your own garden and inhabit it with a variety of insects, ranging from small ants and midges and ending with spiders and various butterflies. Thus, you will not only be able to lead the life of your “insect kingdom”, but also learn a lot about the life of these miniature creatures.


The Drunk On Nectar player has the opportunity to choose two ways of developing the gameplay. The first one is strategic, in which you have to create your own garden, and then harmoniously populate it with various living creatures. The second is essentially a simulator, since in it you will have to control one of the many inhabitants of the garden of your choice. How the game unfolds depends on the choice of an insect – for example, if you choose a dragonfly, you will simply fly around the location and hunt other insects, and if you choose a bee, you will have to do the pollination of flowers.

Game mechanics

The game has amazingly implemented insect mechanics – everything looks very realistic, and thanks to high-quality graphics during the gameplay, you can enjoy beautiful views. As mentioned above, each insect in the game has its own characteristics and its own role – the spider catches it in its web, the bee pollinates the plants, and so on. The more actions you take, the more experience points you get. They, in turn, can be spent on developing the skills of your ward to make them more effective. Another reason to download Drunk On Nectar via torrent from our site is the opportunity to observe with your own eyes the entire process of insect life, from the moment of the larva to its transformation into a pupa and the like.

Game feature

Do not forget that in addition to natural enemies, natural phenomena will also be your opponents. Heavy rain or wind, scorching sun or terrible cold – all of them are fatal to your ward, so try to protect them from this as much as possible.

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