Drug Dealer Simulator

System requirements Drug Dealer Simulator

OS: Windows 7/8/10 32-bit, 64-bit
Processor: i5-2500 3.30 GHz
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 780 GTX or AMD Radeon Radeon R7 260X series card or higher
Disk Space: 15 GB

Drug Dealer Simulator

Have you ever thought about building your own criminal empire? To feel what it feels like to be the leader of a criminal gang and do something illegal? And of course, to do it all without legal and moral consequences. Simply put, imitate the process. And here is the drug Dealer Simulator game in which you can turn your desires into reality without fear of problems with the law. You will be involved in drug trafficking.

More about the game

It all starts with a small business when you sell drugs quietly on the street. But then the scale will increase, and the business will expand. If at first you yourself were engaged in the sale of goods, then now you will have employed people for this. However, excessive caution still does not hurt, because in addition to the police, in this business you can easily get a bullet in the face from competitors. For those who want to download the drug Dealer Simulator torrent, we recommend switching to our game portal, there is a version of the game and it is completely free.

Game features

Among other things, you will still extract contraband from cartels. The police will constantly hang on your tail, so try to be careful not to get caught. Trade will be very different – from small doses to regular customers to the conclusion of large transactions with other groups. In the underworld, one must possess cunning and dexterity. In addition, your enemies are on the alert and waiting for you to appropriate your empire. In this world, you can also get money, power and respect, but for this you will have to be careful and inventive.

Your actions in the game Drug Dealer Simulator can greatly affect your career, you can make some powerful bandits your supporters, and some – irreconcilable rivals. Remember also that you should not deceive your customers, because reputation is more expensive. Find powerful patrons, try not to get caught by the police, and you can live quite calmly and spend the money you earn on pleasures. After all, money is needed for this, so that there is something to spend it on. Engage in the expansion of your business, increase the supply of goods, buy new technologies. In a word, develop your business to the maximum.

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