System requirements Dropsy

OS: Windows 7 or later
Disk Space: 1 GB



In the gaming industry, there is a clear desire for retro graphics. This is largely due, of course, to a large number of budget indie projects, but one cannot help but notice that pixel graphics give modern developments a special charm. So this game attracts a lot of interest. She talks about a retired clown and if you like clowns then you can download Dropsy torrent on our website already in September.

More about the game

The kind, friendly, trusting clown Dropsy begins a new life, having finished his work in the circus. By virtue of his profession, Dropsie does not use any means of self-defense and automatically considers everyone around him to be friends. Unfortunately, he has to find out that not everyone argues the same way he does. The clown will have to go a long way in self-knowledge and knowledge of the world. By the way, the world is open here.

The plot of the game Dropsy is based on the relationship of the characters. Interestingly, the developers decided to replace the usual dialog boxes with pictograms. In other words, with icons that clearly demonstrate what a character is thinking or saying. By the way, sometimes the pictures look very ambiguous … We add that the creators provided their project with an excellent portion of humor, and this makes the gameplay even more fun.

Game features

Perhaps we have not yet said everything about our hero. It seems that one of his unique abilities was not mentioned – Dropsey knows how to talk with animals. By the way, on the way to knowing himself and the world he will be accompanied by a cute little doggie. Communication with animals is given by Dropsie much easier than communication with people. This is one of the main difficulties in his life.

Perhaps the whole point is that Dropsey is rather creepy in appearance, and the people he meets are sometimes just scared of him, especially when the clown tries to wrap them in his arms. And maybe this is not the only point. On the way, our hero will meet a variety of very colorful characters, and he will learn how to build relationships with them and in general all representatives of the human race. Recall that everyone can download Dropsy via torrent using our site.

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