Dreamhouse: The Game


System requirements Dreamhouse: The Game

OS: Windows 7 (32-bit) or newer
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 750 TI / AMD RX 460
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 20 GB
Sound card: DirectX 10 compatible
Gamepad support: Full


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Dreamhouse: The Game

Dreamhouse: The Game is a simulator of construction and design of houses, in which the player has the opportunity to act as a novice commercial entrepreneur and renovate or build a residential building from scratch. The name allows you to play with virtual reality glasses, and also provides access to multiplayer mode. The game allows you to learn from scratch the work of a construction entrepreneur, whose task is to manage your own company from scratch.

More about the game

In Dreamhouse: The Game, the player can take orders for the construction of completely new buildings, as well as carry out a general reconstruction of the destroyed or demolish those whose construction does not meet the expected requirements. It is the player who decides in what style the apartment will be decorated and how much the total cost of production will cost. Thanks to the game, he can also test some solutions that he would like to implement in real life. He no longer needs to think about how a given piece of furniture will look in a certain color and location, because the game allows him to buy it (import a real object) and see with his own eyes whether his idea is a target or you need to think of another solution.

The plot line

In addition to designing houses and preparing the ground in Dreamhouse: The Game to expand them, the name also allows you to take care of the outside space. The player can plant plants, place stones, lanterns, a fence dividing the area, or choose a place for a booth. In addition, the game has a very diverse environment. The building can be located both in the city center and on the outskirts of the village, as well as in a forest landscape overlooking the mountain peaks or on a sandy beach with close access to the sea.

Using shortcuts when designing buildings is a rather risky step, because potential customers will notice when a player neglects some element of the project. The game is equipped with an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm, which summarizes the effect of its work: compliance with the chosen style (Scandinavian, classic, modern, etc.), total cost, speed and accuracy. All these factors affect the final assessment of the player’s actions.


The game is based on fulfilling orders, but the player has the opportunity to build their own dream corner. However, to start working on his own project, he must first accumulate enough money to be secured by the orders he accepts. Every day he gets new ones, and for a limited time. The player must not only take care of the appearance of the building (paint the walls, choose the panels, buy suitable furniture and decorations, etc.), he must also remember to provide future owners with access to water or electricity. In addition, if the end result is not to the liking of buyers, it will have to be demolished and work again.

Game features

If the player is a very bad designer, there is a risk of creating the same building several times. And all thanks to Chaos technology, which ensures impeccable workmanship. If the construction of the house is inappropriate (short circuit, leakage or flooding), the building will collapse. Dreamhouse: The Game offers the possibility of both single mode and cooperative online mode. Thanks to the second option, when creating a building, the player can cooperate with a friend or, conversely, start competing with him. The game also has a photo mode that allows you to capture the final effect, create a special album or movie and show your design to stakeholders or compare it with other players’ projects listed in the rankings.

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