Draw a Stickman EPIC 3

System requirements Draw a Stickman EPIC 3

OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8/10
Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or better
RAM: 2000 MB RAM
Video Card: OpenGL 3.2 compatible GPU with at least 256MB of VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Disk space: 400 MB



Draw a Stickman EPIC 3

The computer game Draw a Stickman EPIC 3 is a great opportunity to enjoy an exciting and exciting journey. Gamers have to set foot on the anti-corruption trail. Players will solve funny puzzles, fight and defeat various monsters, and this will allow them to be in a completely new world. Take control of the hero of EPIK and embark on an adventure. During the passage of the project, you have to make every effort to reveal your creative potential, because the developers have prepared for you a lot of different puzzles, tests and tasks that need to be solved.

More about the game

Creating a character can now be done by the user himself, using only a pen for this. You can draw a hero to your liking to make the game even more interesting and fun. By showing creative abilities, a gamer will be able to create a hero who will be different from everyone and stand out from their background. Draw a Stickman EPIC 3 download torrent on PC we offer the full version from our gaming site.

Story line

Create your character in person! You can make the hero perfect, and for this all the tools that you might need are provided. Be creative to create an active character unusual, not like everyone else. All your sketches can be saved for future heroes. During the gameplay Draw a Stickman EPIC 3, you can switch between them, which will revive the game and fill it with vivid impressions. You will find a new world of Hub World and familiarity with many other characters that live in the Stickman universe.

Keep an eye on them, maybe they will tell you how to proceed. Get ready for adventure, to unravel secrets, search for collectible items, and interact with units. A large number of monsters will meet on your way, and your task is to overcome them. Snails, trolls, bullies, and an evil hamster will be dangerous for you, and it is these creatures that need to beware. But there will be friends among the heroes, and they have to be found, focusing on the lost flowers. Thanks to new attractive pens, players will be able to shuffle bosses, awaken the world around them.

Do not forget to use the search and different drawing modes, which will give you the opportunity to discover new opportunities, add variety to the game, and improve your mood. If you try hard, then at each level to get three stars, and this is an excellent result. The new game adventure Draw a Stickman EPIC 3 will help you organize interesting leisure time, meet many heroes, and even familiar faces. Want to try your hand? Then do not delay the download, and proceed to the passage of EPIC

Game features

Starting the game Draw a Stickman EPIC 3, you have to create your own character, which you will then manage. This project has a different, unusual system for creating heroes, and you definitely haven’t met this in any adventure game before. There are almost no restrictions, so you can safely include imagination and draw a character to your liking. Use your drawing skills to the maximum, and the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Once your hero is ready for the game, proceed to solve puzzles to get to the truth and find answers to serious questions. Assignments will not be easy, but you also will not give up, right? Be smart, mind, logic and thinking, and then all the tasks will be completed quickly and efficiently, and you can get closer to the finals with a good result. Take care to equip the character with certain skills and items, as well as items that will help him during the game.

We know that you will certainly succeed!

On this page you can download the game Draw a Stickman EPIC 3 via torrent for free on PC.



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