System requirements Dragonflight

OS: windows 7
Processor: Intel i5 4590 / AMD FX 8350
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
Disk space: 800 MB
Gamepad support: Full



As a rule, in the bulk of video games, gamers are given the opportunity to exterminate all kinds of creatures. In the ranks of which there are dragons. Therefore, you do not often find computer games in which you could play as winged fire-breathing monsters with impenetrable scales and razor-sharp claws. You really liked the Dragonflight game.

More about the game

The battle between dragons is a very exciting sight, which is fully implemented in the project. The game world is made in a medieval spirit, with the obligatory presence of castles and other features of that time. Although the developers added fantastic features to all this. It’s easy to start playing – you need to download Dragonflight via torrent on your PC, besides, the project has a multiplayer mode. Thanks to the latter, you can compete with other players.

Features of the game:

– Combat system. Battles take place at a fairly fast pace; 20 players can take part in one battle.
– No heroes, your character is a Dragon, which, of course, possesses the skill of fire attack, plus a few more features.
– The first experience can be obtained in a real battle with other players, no training.
– Tactics decide the outcome. How to fight, it is up to you to decide – immediately join the main battle or set up an ambush and wait for the right moment to attack. If you are confident in your own strength, go to the very batch, the main thing is that your Dragon can withstand attacks from all sides, and give a high-quality rebuff.

– The game world is destructible, any structures can be demolished. Well, or burned – it already depends on the player’s desire, and the Dragon doesn’t care – either crush it with a paw, or touch it with its tail or spit with fire …
– Your Dragon is able to learn, acquire new skills, master various maneuvers. Which can qualitatively diversify the gameplay and add its share of fun.

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