Dragon Ball Xenoverse

System requirements Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Support only 64-bit systems
Windows OS: Vista (x64) / Windows 7 (x64) / Windows 8 (x64)
Processor: Intel Core i3-530, 2.93 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 940, 3.0GHz
Video card: 1 GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 550Ti / AMD Radeon HD 6790


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Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Dragon Ball XV is a cult 3D PC fighting game in Japan. This project of 2015 is completely based on the Dragon Ball universe, that is, on the manga drawn in the early 90s of the last century. “Dragon Pearl” is a very deep and developed universe, so it’s better to get into the details of the units. If you need a quality cartoon arcade fighting game with partially destructible environments, then you can download Dragon Ball Xenoverse on our website for free.

Three-dimensional fights perfectly supported by large maps, of which the variety reaches above a dozen. Fighters can move freely around the game location, even fly and swim, in separate places, continuing their battle. An interesting implementation of damage enhancement – dialogues that occur at a certain moment and mean the need to perform a series, the damage of which increases several times. With the passage of the company, the developers backed up a small story that revolves around the fighters and the city of Toki Tori. Fans of the Japanese narrative style must download the Dragon Ball Hernowers for free using a torrent.

In addition to the plot concept, there are additional tasks that serve to raise the level of the hero. This part of the game is from the universe of. Dragon Ball Xenoverse, in which there is the possibility of creating your own character, with the definition for him of the style of martial arts, the distribution of skills and improved performance. The chosen race has a precise definition of the school of martial art and some super-strokes.

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is a computer game based on the eponymous Japanese work of the mid-nineties. Only thanks to him, you will be able to experience what is happening in the eponymous animated series on your own experience. Because earlier, you only had to watch what happened throughout the numerous series of anime.

Also, as in the original narration, the action takes place in the vast Toki Tori. An incredible tournament takes place here, which is not just an ordinary competition, but also a full-fledged tournament, where, nevertheless, it is dangerous to participate, because you can no longer leave on your own two. Therefore, to take part in it, you will have to not only download the torrent Dragon Ball: Xenover, but also to be at least sixteen years old.

To convey the spirit of the very animated series, the developers have created a special engine that exactly repeats the animation and drawing from the original narration. This allowed to bring the canonicity as close as possible. Your attention is also offered a wide range of weapons and all sorts of techniques for the destruction of their opponents. To make it look like a real confrontation with a constantly lagging dynamic. You have to combine strikes in such a way that you can get a whole series of injuries to opponents. And this, believe me, will not be so easy. However, if you manage, you will receive a reward in the form of a huge amount of experience and money.



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