Dragon Age: Inquisition

System requirements Dragon Age: Inquisition:

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 (x64)
Processor: Intel Quad Core 2.0 GHz or equivalent from AMD
Video card: 512 MB with DirectX 10 support (Radeon HD 4870 / G
Free Space: 38 GB

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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition – a popular role-playing video game from the series of the same name, whose fantasy world is mired in darkness. The company released BioWare in 2012 on the PC. This time, gamers will be entrusted with the mission of the inquisitor, whose goal is to eradicate evil in the picturesque lands of Tedas. After creating a character and the end of the first screen saver, a lot of problems will accumulate that only you can solve. Dragon Age: Inquisition, which you can download for free, has the most interesting plot twists and turns – here you are awaited by war, intrigue, political discord, and even a drop of love. The finest localization from the developer will add even more atmosphere.

Your character is an inquisitor, but how exactly his race, gender, appearance, name, class and sexual orientation will depend on the choice of each. On the way of passing the main and side missions, the player will meet various characters-companions who will gladly cling to the team of the Inquisition.

The gameplay has changed a lot with the transition of the game to a new engine – Frostbite, and so everything else remains the same:
3 classes of characters, 4 types of weapons, 4 branches of abilities, as well as nine specializations. Locations have become much larger, more diverse and more interactive. It has become possible to use the environment for its own purposes, for example, to destroy a group of opponents using the arson of a bridge, the collapse of a stone wall, and the like.

The game has the latest version of the game and all the DLC, so do not waste time. RPG lovers at various gaming forums noted a great storyline, deep moral choice, complete non-linearity and fascinating hours of gameplay.

You have to do the impossible and tighten the gap that has formed in the sky. But for this, you first need to get close to him. After all, it is protected by terrible demons, including dragons. This means there is no other way out except to launch Dragon Age: Inquisition and build your own army that will help you to get directly to this portal and save the universe of the game. So you will perpetuate yourself forever.



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